Evangelistic Baptist Church of Christ

Celebrating Over 60 Marvelous Years


The Evangelistic Baptist Church of Christ (EBCC) Benevolence, Caring & Sharing Ministry expresses support, love and care through spiritual and hospitable acts to EBCC members, and, when determined, to others in our community. The ministry serves in a supporting role for our Pastor. The ministry seeks to maintains constant communication and insight into the benevolent needs of the entire church body by working with all auxiliaries/ministries and or departments. Additionally, we respect that the Ministerial Staff, Deacons, Trustees and Deaconesses assume a lead role in benevolent visitation/support. In order for the Pastor and the Benevolence, Caring & Sharing Ministry to best serve the needs of our membership, communication on the part of each church member is essential.

The Benevolence, Caring & Sharing Ministry is responsive primarily in the areas of illness, hospitalization, death or need for encouragement within our church body. As a ministry we are committed to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ displayed through our service to mankind. 

Christ has no BODY now but YOURS

The Benevolence Ministry members are as follows:

Beverly Jefferson, Chair Person

Carla Barrett

Ora Berry

Thomesene Cudjoe

Joycie Davis

Sharon Guy

Margaret Hinton

Trellis Mtchell

Dorothy Phillips




Email: evangelisticbcc@gmail.com