Evangelistic Baptist Church of Christ

Celebrating Over 60 Marvelous Years

About G.E.M:
Growing Evangelistic Ministry (GEM) consisting of all EBCC young adult and contemporary adult members between the ages of 18-49. We have been given the opportunity to grow and to mold a ministry that is geared especially for the young adults and contemporary adults today. The ministry's main focus is to connect young adults and contemporary adults with Jesus Christ, the church, the mission of the church and a peer community in which our faith is nurtured and strengthened. God has put leaders in place to help us along this journey and it is up to the young adults and contemporary adults to step out on faith. If we keep God first, he will then perform a mighty work in our favor.
G.E.M Motto:
"Growth beyond measure through innovative fellowship within the community by magnifying the word of God"
II Corinthians 6: 3-10




Email: evangelisticbcc@gmail.com